"...such killer bad ass tunes, killer riffs, dark, low, catchy. Well written songs..... Rarely do I hear originals to the point where I am like whoa. These guys absolutely got my attention. They have a great sound...."” - Tim Price

Tim Price Photography

4130 is a high-energy power trio from south Jersey.  Writing original music ranging through grunge, metal and punk.  There is no mistaking their passion and intensity in their live shows.  But without taking things too seriously, they love to make themselves laugh and have fun during it all. 

After thier initial  show as a "featured artist" in a local open  mic, they exploded onto the scene, playing everywhere from small DIY venues, to openers for large national acts. 

Some 2023 highlights

-- direct support for "A Light Divided" 

-- opener for "Puddle of Mudd" 

-- Deathwish coffee battle of the bands round 4 winner

-- direct support for "The Lonely Ones"

--Elephant Talk Indie Music Fest

-- Rock and Roll Union artist of the month (August) 

-- supporting artist on Alpha Centauri Records, Nightmare Before Christmas tour (final show) 


2024 will bring not only more shows, but new material, as well as a focus on recording their first album.